Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You are My Rock

Hi everyone.. Just wanna sharing this song to all of u.. Try to download and listen to it if you like,ok!.. Thank you all :) I've already tried to put this song in this post but can't.. Sorry :p

Hillsong London - You Are My Rock

There's a voice en the silence
Piercing the darkness of my own selfish soul
There's a cry deep within me
A yearning to feel You, I look You Lord

I can't pretend I don't run from
The feelings I'm trying to hide
Must get the focus off me and my problems
I look to the cross

You are my rock, on You I stand
Safe from the storms that surround me
You're my only rock, in You I can
Don't have to rely on my own strength

Teman2 smua, belajar untuk lebih bersandar dan menyerahkan diri sama Tuhan yukk.. Karena kita smua ini ga sempurna, pst ada kelemahan dan ada saatnya kita udh mau menyerah ajaa.. But, you dont have to rely on your own strength.. Rely on Him.. Try to rely on Him more and more.. It's difficult sometimes, I admit.. That's why you must have faith in Him.. Hebrews 11:1 said "Faith is the assurance of what we hope for, being certain of what we cannot see".. Disamping itu, bible also said "Berbahagialah kamu yang tidak melihat namun percaya".. You must know that our God is bigger than our problem.. Just have faith and surrender all to Him.. Our God is able to change our situation and condition..

Just a short post from me.. Hope It's useful to all of you.. Thanks a lot !! :D
Good nitez all.. Don't forget to pray yaa :)



  1. Like it very much,, cin.. :)

  2. alice : thankk u so muchhh lice.. Glad you like it :) :) Try to download this song.. Maknanya lebi dalem kalo km dengerin sambil doa lice..

  3. So Nice lyrics... i've got the songs directly from you..hehehe :D as long as time goes by, we would've learned to rely on Him <3 wait for the next topic! Gbu :D

  4. melita : i hope people will rely on Him more and more too :) thankkk u.. God bless

  5. eka : finally u write ur own name :p thankss a lot kaaa :)