Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hillsong Conference 2012 #TheChurchIsAlive


Heiho! I know it's late to post this but... BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, RIGHT? Hohohohoh..

Today is actually the last day of Hillsong Conference 2013 #ThisIsRevival.. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well since yesterday.. Jadi ga bisa dateng deh,huhuuhuh.. Luckyly, dengan kemajuan teknologi, masih bisa menonton online via streaming live.. Hurray! :)

In this post, I will show you the video and picture of Hillsong Conference 2012 #TheChurchIsAlive which I took LAST YEAR (Upss!!!...).. It was my first time attending this conference and I still remember I was so so and so excited.. Tidak pernah terbayangkan bagi saya untuk bisa datang, melihat dan mendengar secara langsung speaker-speaker International, berkumpul dengan begitu banyaknya orang to praise God together, bahkan join kelas-kelas yang ada di Conference tersebut.. I'm gonna write 'behind the scene' story about it later yaa..

Saya mendapatkan banyak sekali hal melalui HillsongConf. ini.. I wrote it in my book, dengan tulisan yang mungkin hanya saya sendiri yang bisa membacanya,hahahhaha.. I will share it in another post.. Wait for it ya!

Now, here are the videos and picture! Hope you can feel the atmosphere there.. Even it's happened one year ago.. Even it's only from the photos.. LOL :D Since for me, I still find it AMAZING!! Enjoy guys!

1. The Teaser of HillsongConference2012 #TheChurchIsAlive#Cornerstone


2. The Opening #ChristIsTheCornerstone. It was THE BEST opening so far!! (Just for additional information, only Night Rally opens for public)

3. People started to come.. (I could take these photos since I came too early,hahahha)

4. Matt Redman #BlessedBeYourName #10.000Reasons

5. Praise and Worship from Hillsong Team #Go(1st video)#Nova(2nd)#IWillRise(3rd) and WE ARE RUNNING's SONG (4th)!!

6. Creative Team Dance...

7. Brooke Fraser came.. (This year she came too!!)

8. Chris Tomlin was in the house as well.. #HowGreatIsOurGod..

9. Israel Houghton..

10. Darlene Zschech.. The 1st singer I know and like from Hillsong.. SHE IS AWESOME!!

11. Sidney Mohede.. Indonesians, be proud! JPCC Pastors came here too..

12. Joseph Prince.. The rumour was true!! He preached about GOD'S GRACE and it was AN OUTSTANDING MESSAGES!

13. Joyce Meyer.. Her message.. Stories about her life.. The way she spoke about God's words.. Many preachers and pastors consider her as THE BEST SPIRITUAL MOTHER.. She's ONE OF A KIND!!

14. Steven Furtick.. YOUNG RISING exceptional preacher!!

15. Louie Giglio.. I have never found anyone better than him to preach about the power of praise and worship.. He's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Also, extra information for you, Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin are the worship leader from his church..

16. Brian and Bobbie Houston.. Founder and Leader of Hillsong Church.. EXTRAORDINARY MENTOR AND LEADER FOR ALL PEOPLE.. VISIONERS.. GREAT BELIEVERS.. They are LEGENDS..

17. Other pics..

18. There was a white board and people was allowed to write whatever they wanted about HillsongConf'12.. This is what I wrote..

* God gave me such a wonderful opportunities to come here.. It will be one of the unforgettable memories I have in Sydney, Australia.. Thanks Jesus..

Hillsong Conference 2013's post soon..........

Btw, so sorry for the video quality.. I used my blackberry to record it.. Heheheh :)

Psalm 65:11 = You crown the year with Your goodness,And Your paths drip with abundance.

Regards, Cindy


  1. Cin, it Looks awesome doesn't it?? :D
    So I think to take a chance to Join to the hillsong conference in 2014 :p
    And how about u cin ? :D

  2. It was awesome ka!! Still thinking about next year since my visa will be expired soon,huuhuhuhu.. T-T