Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pre-Holiday 2013

Hi everyone! How r u?? Still busy doing lots of things? Work? University? Or on a holiday like me perhaps? Hehehhe.. At this time, I wrote this post on my very own bedroom in my hometown which is SURABAYA, INDONESIA!!! Hurray!!! I know it's kinda late to write this now since I've been here around weeks ago.. But.. Once again, better late than never :D

I'm not gonna write a long long post today, just want to give you guys at least an update..

Surabaya is still the same, very hot.. When I was in the plane, about to landing to this city, the pilot made an announcement regarding the weather.. When he said it's 29 degree Celsius here, I was like ... Speechless.. Because before when I was still in Sydney, the weather was like 6-8 degree Celcius.. So glad I only wore a white shirt and jeans that day.. Fiuh..

For the 1st time in my life also, my luggage was not 'that' heavy.. I got 30 kg, usually my suitcase will be 27-29kg.. However for this holiday, it was just 23 kg.. Maybe because I've already gave some of my stuff to my mom when she came visit me last May..

The other new thing was my flight schedule.. Before, it was around 10-11am.. Now, it changed into 6:30ish am in the morning.. I need to be at the airport at 4:30am.. That night, I slept at 1am in the morning.. Feels like I went to bed then in few minutes I had to get up again.. Plus, can you imagine the weather and wind that early in the morning?... ... ...

Due to that, the aftermath was : I slept like a baby in the plane.. Woke up just to eat then sleep again.. I did online check in before, so I chose the corner seat near the window which is quite convenient to sleep compare to others..

Singapore was my transit place.. I waited around 3 hours there.. 1st thing to do : eat!! Haahahha.. And like always,  my choice was Burger King.. It's been quite a while since my last time eating fast food I guess,hehehhe.. It was nice! Yum! 2nd thing to do : called my mom from the public phone there since my mobile couldn't connected to the airport wifi.. I grabbed 50 cents coint, put it in the machine and dialed my mom's number.. Last thing to do, sit down and wait while trying to figure out why my phone couldn't connected to the wifi at Changi..  After few moments, asking information desk, opening the setting, doing this and that, then it worked suddenly!! Yayyyyy!! :D

Then, it's time to boarding again to my 2nd and last destination for 1 month.. Will spend most of my holiday in this beloved city Surabaya.. Caoo!!

* Ps : I will post the complete story of my holiday soon.. And of course, my sweet escape to 1 of my favourite country in the world.. 

Btw, I know my 'soon' can mean 'quite' a long time sometimes.. Thus, please, just need to be patient while waiting for the next post,hahahhaha.. 

See you 'soon' in the other page!! LOL :D

Regards, Cindy

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