Sunday, September 15, 2013

On The Move

Hi everyone.. How are you? How's your weekend and Sunday? Today is absolutely a great Sunday for me.. I went to Hillsong this afternoon and our senior pastor, Ps. Brian Houston preached an incredible words.. Yesterday was amazing too! It's just so great to have Saturday and Sunday as my days off,hiihihihih :D

I actually want to tell you about the first 2 weeks at my new workplace.. However, it will need a long time and today, I have to sleep early because tomorrow I have to get up at 5:40am to get ready for work.. While thinking about topics that I want to write, suddenly I remember this..

Days ago, one of my connect group members, share a remarkable reflection in our group chat.. I was amazed by God's given wisdom to him.. Therefore, I want you all to know about this.. I hope it will become a blessing, just like how it blesses me. Happy reading and HAPPY SUNDAY!! :D



When on the road driving, I might be one of the most impatient guy out there. Slow drivers and red lights amuse me, can't handle them.

When traffic lights turn yellow, the testosterone inside of me tells me to hit the gas pedal, so I can save two minutes of my precious life and use it to do something else, such as candy crush. ( I laughed when I read this part, hahhahaha..)

When it comes to waiting, us-human kind, is the worst. Any form of waiting kills us. Being in the doctor's waiting room, waiting to get your exam result, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, waiting for God's promise to arrive, we just weren't created to wait.

When the traffic light turns red, it signals drivers to stop the car and rest. It is a good opportunity for us, not only to rest our feet and mind, but to think whether we are still heading in the right direction to our destination.

* When you feel that your life is at stale, or it SEEMS that God is not answering your prayer, or it SEEMS that God is not moving. It is a good idea for us to rest and seek His face again, and ask " Are we still in the right path?". He is our GPS after all, God Positioning System.

I like to think that God is always on the move. 

You might disagree with my statement and think that God is not moving in your life. God puts a red light in your life, DOES NOT mean that God is not moving.

When you are at a red light at an intersection, it allows other cars from another road to pass you. 

It MIGHT SEEMS that your life is not going anywhere. Maybe it's a good opportunity for you to, by divine intervention, meet someone and mobilized & stimulate their spiritual growth. 

Maybe, just maybe, what you think is a stalement is a way for others to fulfill their destiny.

When it comes to build God's kingdom, we have to think of the BIGGER picture.

* The traffic light WILL NOT be red forever, nor green forever. There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-12). There will be a time when God ask you to wait and use you to allow others to be built up. There will be a time that God allow other people to stop at intersection and allow you to go to a whole new level.


You might think that your life is stuck at a point, but maybe God is using you to build other people up, and the other way around. Either way, GOD IS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE.


Romans 8 : 28A = "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,..."

Pssttt.. God is ALWAYS up to something GOOD and BEST for us.. He is on the move.. Don't you worry too much, ok! :)

Good nitez peeps!

Regards, Cindy

Ps : I believe you know who you are mister Melbourne,hahhahaha.. It's my honor to serve Him together with you and the rest of our CG members.. Keep encouraging others ya! :)

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