Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hi everyone! How are you?? How's your first 3 months of 2014 so far? Is it great?

It's been a while since my last post before I went on my holiday in Indonesia. 

Therefore, from this post, I actually only want to greet you and share a few stories about my holiday in Surabaya for about 3 weeks.. Enjoy!

1. Maybe some of you can guess it already. Whenever I came home, I will make sure to change this 1 thing : HAIR. Hahahah.. Yap, I changed it again. This time is quite different than the usual. I cut my hair short! Finally, after begging and begging for years and years to my mom, even she didn't say a 'real' yes, she let me tried the haircut that I always want.. But of course, with her sad face watching me every second when the hairdresser cut my hair.. LOL.. This was the 1st change which I did in my 2014. Overall, I LOVE IT!! When it finished, I was so happy!! Finally after so many years, I have a short hair again.. The feeling is just different when you have a big change in haircut, isn't it? I couldn't stop smiling that day.. It was so comfy for me,hhehehehe.. And the next few days, I curled my hair permanently so it could be a little bit wavy..

I don't really have the picture from the front, but I can show you how it looks like from the back :

2. I enjoyed my holiday a lot in Surabaya, spending with beloved ones.. It ate lots of foods, especially these 2 : Ikan Gurami Goreng Cianjur and Top Noodle.. I ate it more than 2 times and I still couldn't get enough of them,hahahhaha.. Holiday spirit was here (WOOT!).

Until the day when I get HOSPITALIZED because of stomach infection and food poisoning, again.. This thing always happens to me in the end or beginning of the year.. It's already 2 times in 2 year in a row (2013&2014) (T_T)..

The beginning of the story was when I went to Pasar Atom.. There were plastic bottles contained chocolate milk inside that I always like, since elementary school.. It's the kind of milk that people always sell in front of school.. Everytime I went home to Surabaya, I always buy it and there is no problem with it.. But this time, I didn't know why, I felt strange when I drank it in the morning. In the evening, around 6PM, I felt so dizzy already and felt that something wrong, when I was in the mall.. I tried to call/whatsapp my mom so many times but there was no signal in the building..

When I walked to the parking area, I couldn't hold it anymore and I was throwing up behind the car.. At the same time, my mom received my message and called me.. I couldn't even speak and made her even more panic,hahahahhahaha.. She only heard the 'throwing up' voice from my phone,LOL.. Straight away I went to the hospital, injected by 3 medicines to kill the bacteria inside it and went home..

However, it did not stop.. My mom bought me porridge to eat at home, but I just couldn't eat anything.. I puked a lot, felt like I will collapse soon.. Quickly, my mom brought me back to hospital, the nurse injected another medicine, and saying that I need to be infused since I couldn't eat at all..

At the end, I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and changed my flight ticket, postponed it around 1 week like what the doctor said.. He warned me to be careful next time because maybe, my stomach is not quite strong to handle all kinds of food and drinks..

I thank God, my family (especially momma), and friends who's be there for me and always bringing so many foods when visiting,hahhaha :) Thank you all! 

The fact is : Sadly, even I still want it, my mom won't allow me to buy it again forever and ever.. I need to say good bye to this fave choco milk of mine (Huhu)...

3. I arrived in Sydnet at 9PM and the next day I worked straight away.. Holiday is over so serious mode is on again,hehehhe.. There are numerous things that I have to taken care of, one of them is MOVING to new apartment.. I need to inspect the new building, check the paperwork, discuss and sign the contract, buy some furnitures, etc. Start from the day I came back till today, I focused on this moving process..

Me and my flatmates still need to organize few more furnitures.. We still work on our schedule to sort out other things.. My room itself still hasn't completed yet.. However, thank God, thank you for some friends that help also, 1st of March, we were able to start living in this new place.. 

One lesson : MOVING IS HARD.. (LOL)

Be grateful if you have a place that you can call HOUSE, or better : HOME..

* That's it for now.. This week and the next one will be very busy for me.. But I will try to post something.. :)

Take care of your health ya everyone :) Have a great day and week!

Regards, Cindy

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