Friday, January 10, 2014

Road to 2014

Hulaaaaa everyoneee!!!! First of all, I wanna say : MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE THIS YEAR GONNA BE MORE AMAZING THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE!! WUHUUUU!! So excited!! 2ndly, I want to apologize for saying it quite late.. T-T (but better 'a little bit' late than not at all, right? Hahhahahah..)

Anyway, how's your Christmas?? How's your New Year??? I bet it's super awesome yaaa.. I saw a lot of wonderful pictures for C'Mas and New Year from facebook and Instagram.. Especially for SurabayaN people, I was so jealous of you.. Hehe.. My family is in Surabaya, they all gathered for dinner and I'm the only one missed (since I was in Sydney).. How I actually really want to spend these wonderful occasions with them.. Huhuhuuhu..

I supposed to write this post earlier, but because I got so tired lately (since Christmas till New Year) due to my work's schedule (it's a holiday season so it's really busy in my workplace), finally I decided to postpone these stories that I want to write now..

I'm gonna divide it into 3 parts :
  1. IT'S CHRISTMAS! (25th December)
  2. BOXING DAY.. (26 December)
  3. SYDNEY'S NEW YEAR 2014!
Why? Because IT IS MY 1ST TIME CELEBRATING THOSE GREAT EVENTS HERE IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA AFTER ALMOST 5 YEARS STAYING IN THIS CITY!! Therefore, they're really special to me and I want to share my happiness with all of you :) 

Let's start now!


THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR WAS HERE FINALLY!! I am so excited.. This is my 1st time celebrating in Ausie.. Biasanya, saya selalu pulang ke Surabaya sekitar pertengahan December-January.. Untuk pertama kalinya juga saya tidak melihat perayaan Natal yang diselenggarakan my Home Church, Mawar Sharon.. How was it?? I saw the preparation's picture of the event from Instagram.. It's a big one, titled ALL HEAVEN DECLARES LOVE..

I went to Hillsong on Christmas Day.. They have an event there also, full of praise and worship.. It was awesome! I said Merry Christmas kepada orang-orang yang duduk di sekitar saya.. When I met my friends, saya mengucapkan kata-kata itu lebih bersemangat lagi,hahhahaha.. I was so happy! All day long I couldn't stop smiling and keep saying 'OH MY GOD, IT'S CHRISTMAS. AND I CELEBRATE IT IN SYDNEY. LALALLA!!'. They made really big tall Christmas tree in the middle of the city, with its sparkling lamp, stars, and other accessories.. In other place, they made the tree from Swarovski, so it's super super shiny..

With all my heart I give thanks to The Lord, because finally, I have the opportunities to see what Christmas looks like in Sydney.. And it was beautiful, even it's in summer,hahahaha.. Yet, on that day, it's not that hot so I'm grateful again,hihihiihih.. I miss my fam though since we always have dinner together on Christmas Day.. It's gonna be feel more wonderful if I had my family to spend C'Mas together in Sydney.. Hopefully, I can bring them all together to see it one day :)


Some of my Christmas pics :


Some of my friends thought of it as a real boxing (tinju), but it's not.. Boxing Day disini artinya adalah dimana semua barang di sale sangat besar-besaran lebih dari biasanya, dan all shopping mall opened earlier (Some shops opened at 5AM, others at 7AM)..

I went shopping started at 10AM and it's already people everywhere.. I was so shocked!! I never experienced boxing day before and what happen it's just beyond my imagination.. There was a person that brought a suitcase and went around all the shops.. I bet the suitcase was empty,hahhahahha.. There was a long queue in each shops whether it's shoes, clother, pants, bags, accessories, etc.. You could see securities everywhere in each stores..

Tempat belanjaan yang biasanya teratur dan rapi, langsung berubah jadi seperti pasar lho guys.. Ada baju jatuh berserakan di bagian kiri, bagian kanan celana jeans.. Di bagian sepatu perempuan, tempatnya jauh lebih parah.. Tapi yang mengejutkan, section men's shirt and jeans-lah yang paling messy dari semuanya.. Hahhahahha.. Ada 1 brand yang jam 12 siang sudah habis ludes semua di tokonya, I was so shocked.. Cuma tinggal beberapa baju yang sizenya XL, 2XL, 3XL which was impossible for me,hhahahahha.. I did not really buy much (finger cross, ups!) on that day since I couldn't find my size, it was gone already.. "I should come early, next year then (if I want to come again, LOL)'.

Untung hari besoknya, saya kedapatan shift kerja yang cukup siang.. Jadi bisa mengistirahatkan badan lebih lama,hahahhaha.. I went out at 10 AM, I went back to my home at 10 PM, dan itupun masih cukup banyak tempat yang belum dimasuki sebenarnya.. 12 jam berbelanja masih belum cukup! Hahhaha.. The stores closed at 12AM.. Pada saat saya pulang, masih banyak orang yang berlari berbelanja kesana kemari.. The aftermath of this event was : my feet became so soar.. Jam 5-6an sudah cenut-cenut, tapi masih belum rela pulang,hahahhaha.. Barang bawaan udah lumayan juga, sampai berpikir tadi om-tante yang bawa koper itu bener deh, sudah pengalaman rasanya.. Hahhahaha..

Overall, it was a great experience.. Apalagi melihat tulisan merah discount dimana-mana, I was happy indeed!! Here are the pics :


Save the best topic for the last.. I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE FIREWORKS.. IT WAS SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST, OR THE BEST IN THE WORLD (at least for me since it's my city,hahahahha)!!

I finished work by 3PM, went home, and straight away getting ready again to watch the fireworks in Circular Quay (tempat Opera House dan Harbour Bridge).. It's quite late already so I did hope and hope that I still could get a good spot.. Like my prediction, tempat paling bagus yang langsung menghadap ke Opera dan Bridge-nya sudah ditutup sejak pagi karena sudah full.. But THANK GOD, there was still a spot di bagian sedikit ke pinggirnya, lebih ke arah samping, tapi itu pun bisa melihat ke2nya..

Jadi langsung diam duduk manis disana deh saya tidak bergerak,hahahahhaha.. Yang bisa dilihat dari ujung ke ujuang hanyalah manusia.. They are everywhere! Ramainya seperti apa juga sudah tidak bisa dideskripsikan.. Yang datang melihat kembang apinya jauh melebihi yang sudah diperkirakan.. It's like all Sydney's citizens gathered to see its fireworks..

Kembang api pertama, called as Family's fireworks, started at 9PM sebagai kembang api pembuka.. Meskipun hanya sebagai pembuka dan berlangsung hanya 5 menit, it was a blast! Semua orang sudah langsung berteriak dan mengambil ponsel/kamera untuk mengabadikan moment tersebut.. I was excited too and record it with my phone,heheheh.. Not gonna miss any moments of fireworks for sure..

Kembang api ke2 diluncurkan sekitar jam 10:30 PM I think.. Yang ini lebih sebentar dari yang pertama, tapi bukan berarti kalah bagusnya,hahahha.. Ada juga beberapa kapal dan cruise yang didesign dengan lampu-lampu menyala mengitari Circular Quay..

Finally, moment that I've been waiting for.. I spend 1 year waiting for this since my originally plan was actually watching it last year.. Unfortunately, I had food poisoning, so I couldn't go anywhere on New Year 2013. BUT GOD IS GOOD.. Maybe last year was not my time. This year, for the first time in a decade , the fireworks will come up from the 4 sides of Opera House and I was able to be there..

The counting starts (60,59,58....), all people raised up, all cameras, video recorders, mobile phones has been ready since this morning to capture this time.. 5,4,3,2,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014, THEN BOOM!


I saw it.. I witnessed the  fireworks that people always said, that people always talking about, claimed it as one of the best in the universe.. After 5 years staying in this city, at last I could really see it with my own eyes.. Those people didn't lie to me, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.. IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY.. IT WAS SPECTACULAR..

At that 12 minutes fireworks, while recording it, in my heart, I said this to God :
- Thank you.. Thank you for giving me this chance, I waited 1 year more only to watch this.. And I guess, You want me to wait 1 more year, because it will be more fantastic this year, right? You were right though,hahhaha.. It worth my waiting.. Thank you, Jesus.. Happy New Year 2014, be with me, always..

I recorded it, but for you, It will be better if you watch it from professional's video. Enjoy watching!

At the end of the day, I miss my family again.. I hope I can bring them here to spend new year at least once in few years ahead.. :)


That's it for today.. It's 1:30AM now and I need to sleep.. I have typed topic for next post and hopefully I can publish it next week..

Good nitez everyone.. Sweet dream! :)

Regards, Cindy

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